The National Cryptologic Museum
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The tour you have been viewing was created by Spin City Imaging.
This tour is comprised of 11 complete panoramas, photographed with special panoramic hardware and a professional digital camera and lens, such as that shown at right. This hardware allows the space to be accurately photographed from a single position without errors caused by the camera's movement between exposures.

Up to 48 captures were shot for each panorama and the resulting images were A small image of the national Colums at the National Arboretumthen stitched into a single large (10,000 pixels wide) Panoramic view. These stitched views are then displayed through the tour using software algorithms to project the panoramas properly. Some projections you may be familiar with are those used to display a round earth on a flat map such as a Mercator projection. For those interested, the link will take you to a Wikipedia page about Mercator projections.

Within the virtual tour, right-clicking will display a menu where you may select different types of projections to display the panoramic images with. If the image becomes confusing or you can't control it, just click the home button and it will reset the tour for you, please feel free to play with the projections, that is why they are included.

The National Cryptologic Museum is located next to NSA Headquarters, Ft. George G. Meade, Maryland. I highly recommend a visit if you are ever in the area, as the museum is a fantastic collection of not just history but also the technology of cryptology itself. The Museum's website can provide you with all the details if you wish to visit the museum or contact them regarding hours of operation and or the other services they provide.

The National Cryptologic Museum is a non-profit and as such, relies on donations both public and private. if you wish to know more, please visit the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation's website.

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